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A powerful backend-extension.


"TgM-Customerservice.js" is a TYPO3 extension which gives you the possibility to easily change your backend login screen, add your company informations or change your backend icon.


TYPO3 7.6.x The TYPO3-system which executes this amazing extension
PHP 7.0.0+ Required for faster loading and PHP-7 features


  • Import and install
  • Include static template

Install the new extension from your Ext.-Manager.

Including template

Add the static template to your root-page.


  • Backend style Settings
  • Company Settings
  • Using default Settings

There are currently 17 configuration fields in total.

Backend style settings

As you might already known, it is possible to change your background, highlight-color and login-logo from the system extension "backend". Now, it's all available at their own backend module (including other features).

Company settings

In this section, you can simply set your company informations which are visibile at the backend login screen.

Using default settings

If you want to import your settings from elsewhere or using the default ones, just use the text field at the bottom and load them by clicking the "refresh"-button.

The End.

Yeah, that's it - simple and easy to use.

Download now!