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The first TYPO3 "reveal.js"-extension.


"TgM-Reveal.js" is a TYPO3 extension which represents the jQuery plugin "reveal.js" and provides it's features.

You can easily change TypoScript- (future version) and Flexform-settings, insert custom libraries or use your own CSS and JavaScript.


TYPO3 7.6.x The TYPO3-system which executes this amazing extension
PHP 7.0.0+ Required for faster loading and PHP-7 features


  • Import and install
  • Include static template
  • Create a new plugin

Install the new extension from your Ext.-Manager.

Including template

Add the static template to your root-page.

Create content-element

Create a new plugin element ("TgM-Reveal") on your preffered presentation-root-page.


How it works

Every page till the second layer that are inside your plugin-root-page, are used as slides.
That means, that this extension uses every page on the first layer as a "main-slide". Their subpages (second layer) are sub-slides of the first layer.
More than two layers will ignored and aren't visible in the frontend later.


  • General Settings
  • Slide-specific Settings

There are currently 56 configuration options in total.

General settings

By editing the plugin, you can decide between seven different tabs:

Options, Presentation, Movement, Parallax, Plugins, Custom CSS and JavaScript, Other settings

Settings - Part 1/3
  • The "Options" tab contains settings like displaying the controls, hiding the progress bar at the bottom of your presentation and much more. (18 settings)
  • The second tab, called "Presentation", contains viewport settings. (6 settings)
  • "Movement" is the third tab. There you can define page transitions, configure auto-slide-settings, enable mouse wheel control and more. (7 settings)
Settings - Part 2/3
  • The fourth tab, "Parallax", gives you the possibility to set a parallax background and it's configurations on your presentation. (4 settings)
  • Next tab is "Plugins". You can add and remove (external) plugins if you want to, but don't forget to keep the syntax. You're also able to run your plugins asynchronous or adding a condition or callback to it. (1 textfield)
Settings - Part 3/3
  • "Custom CSS and JavaScript" gives you the permission to include your custom CSS and JavaScript. (2 textfields)
  • Last, but not least: "Other settings".
    Check out on your own - it's just cosmetic. ;-)
    (2 settings)
Slide-specific settings

Slide-specific settings manages the current page you're editing, splitted in two different tabs.
You'll gain access to set a background, speaker notes, transitions and more. (16 in total)

Some extra content-elements like quotes, codes and fragments will not getting implemented to this extension. Use "tgm_reveal_extra" instead which is available soon.

The End.

Yeah, that's it - simple and easy to use.

Download now!


"reveal.js" is published under MIT license.
More informations here.
Themes and scripts are copyright of their respective owners.

"tgm_reveal" - © 2017

"reveal.js" uses the following themes by default:

Theme AuthorLink
Beige, Black, League,
Night, Sky, White
Hakim El HattabWebsite
BloodVeeti HaapsamoGitHub
Moon, Solarized Achim Staebler
Serif, Simple Owen VersteegWebsite

"reveal.js" uses the following scripts by default:

Script Author Link
highlight.js Oleg Efimov GitHub
markdown.js Dominic Baggott GitHub
marked.js Christopher Jeffrey GitHub
print-pdf.js Manuel Bieh GitHub
search.js Jon Snyder
reveal.js and others Hakim El Hattab GitHub